JDS Finance Company Limited was incorporated on 27th Day of April, 1984 under the Companies Act, 1956 with the name of Pratibha Trading Company Limited in New Delhi. The name of the Company was changed w.e.f. 8th Day of January , 1998 as JDS Finance Company Limited. The Registered office of the Company is situated at 308, Lusa Tower, Azadpur, Delhi-110033. The main object of the Company is to carry on the business as traders, exporters, agents, representative, dealers, stockiest, importers or Distributors of Industrial, commercial, agricultural, scientific etc.

Further the Company is engaged in the business of financing industrial enterprises and others by way of lending and advancing money, land building, shed or such other things as may be required by such industrial enterprises either with or without security. The Company also engages in the purchase, acquisition, holding and disposition off or otherwise deal and invest in any shares, debentures and other securities in or of any Company or Companies and to act as investors, guarantors, underwriters, financers etc.

Our management consists of highly skilled and experienced professional such as Company Secretary, Ex- bankers, etc. The Company is expected to grow indefinitely with the help of the resources being raised by the Company which in return would strengthen the financial position of the Company in line with the growth strategy of the Company.

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